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Farm to table dinners and brunches each with a seasonal theme

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About Our Events

Our Farm to table events educate people on sourcing local food, providing a new experience and bringing together our community and the great resources we have in it. If you enjoy mingling over a one of a kind meal, these events are for you!


The menu for each event is created by what is in season and grown by the farmers. The farmers provide a list of what they have available shortly before the event and then a menu is created based off of the ingredients available. Because of this, menus are not released until the event and guests must have an open mind when attending! To give an idea of the food and creativity, below are some menus from last year!

July 2019

strawberry-mint salad with pickled red candy apple onions, kohlrabi chips and vache

brined cucumbers, garlic runner beans, beets, grilled green cabbage, shaved radish, nasturtiums, bronze fennel and kale

grilled kohlrabi, butter-wine leeks, tomatoes, dragon beans and squash with raised lemon-thyme chicken

vache cheese custard with pickled blueberries and whipped cream

October 2019

delicata and vache ravioli

fairy tale pumpkin soup, beet purée and crispy Brussels

smoked chicken and bean stew in an acorn squash bowl

pumpkin soufflé with apple cider drizzle

How local are our ingredients?

They are what I call ‘hyper local’! Rachel, the owner at Island Harvest Farm, provides the majority of the produce in the events. Rachel harvests daily and the food is cooked directly on the farm and served to your table, on the farm!

Connecting Through Food

These events bring together people who enjoy the experience of the best ingredients put together in a creative and beautiful way!

I had the loveliest evening with a diverse group of people that participated in one of Courtney's farm to table dinners. It was magical walking into the field to find a long, beautifully decorated table arrangement set in the wild landscape...the conversation was inspiring, the multi-course meal innovative and superb. It was an evening I will remember fondly. Thank you, Courtney, for a memorable experience.


– Gina D.

Upcoming Experiences


Starting this year, we will be having Farm to Table brunches! Brunch will be served family style and include many of the great items you would get at our dinners! However, you will experience new dishes like French toast with local grains, pastured raised bacon and eggs, all from local farms.

Each event will have a seasonal theme from Spring to Halloween. Every event will have new dishes, new drinks and new experiences! These events are one of a kind!

Spring Dinner

June 27, 2020

Farm to table dinner on June 27th

Le Citron Dinner

July 18, 2020

Farm to table dinner on July 18th

Le Citron Brunch

July 19, 2020

Farm to table brunch on July 19th

Foraging Dinner (Take Out)

August 15, 2020

Farm to table takeout dinner on August 15th

Foraging Dinner (Dine-in)

August 15, 2020

Farm to table dinner on August 15th

Foraging Brunch

August 16, 2020

Farm to table brunch on August 16th

Fall Dinner

September 26, 2020

Farm to table dinner on September 26th

Fall Brunch

September 27, 2020

Farm to table brunch on September 27th

Halloween Dinner

October 24, 2020

Farm to table dinner on October 24th

Halloween Brunch

October 25, 2020

Farm to table brunch on October 25th

About the Chef

Courtney is a Skagit Valley College graduate who has a deep passion for local and organically grown food. She loves connecting people to their community and the resources their environment provides. Chef Courtney created these events as a way to educate people on sourcing the best, local ingredients. She uses inventive techniques in the cooking of the food that many may have never experienced before. Courtney’s vivacious energy shows through all her work and especially in her farm to table events!

Learn more about how we began the Farm to Tables.


What to Expect At Dinners

When you arrive at the farm, please come check in and get a drink. We allow our guests to arrive 30 minutes before the dinner to grab their seats, have a drink and mingle with the other guests. Depending on the weather, the seating will be in the field or the barn. At some point during the event, we will have a farm tour where Rachel will walk guests around the farm to tell her story and educate you on where your food comes from so please dress for a stroll in the field!


Each event will have 4 courses, drink pairing (wine or cider), beautiful decorations and fun raffles! At every event I will spend time educating guests on the ingredients they get to enjoy and how things are prepared. We will sell raffle tickets, $1 per ticket (cash only), and raffle off multiple items from in the event. Typically, we will raffle off a bouquet, candle, basket of vegetables, chicken or eggs. The money collected for the raffles will be split among the staff as tips, who are fabulous and work hard to provide you an amazing time!

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